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A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Four

Koo’s Book of ABC Rhymes for Kids: Remembering My Letters is an A-Z Thing To Do!

A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Four: Koo’s Book of ABC Rhymes for Kids is written by Miss Koo to help both others and her, to remember the letters of the alphabet. In Book Four, Miss Koo is really keen to understand and use letters and words as best as she can. Farver has told her that she should try to remember the letters of the alphabet by thinking of her favourite things,…

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Miss Koo’s New Friend – Pup Dog

Miss Koo has been working hard on her new book: Book Four: Koo’s Book of ABC Rhymes for Kids. She has been so busy, but she really wanted some help and meet some new friends at the same time. Always looking out for her, Farver gave her a very special new friend – Pup Dog. You can find out how Pup Dog helps Miss Koo when you read her book of rhymes.

Miss Koo Alphabet Rhymes Coming Soon

In the quest to share her luuvv of adventures and ways to tell them, Miss Koo has been ‘boning’ up on her understanding of the alphabet. She reckons that Farver reckons that rhymes are a fun way to learn, so look out – she is madly finding how her favourite things help tell a story for each letter of the alphabet. If you can think of an animal or thing that a curious puppy like […]

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Geoffrey Ronald

Geoffrey Ronald has always had an interest in books, language and the spoken word. He has also had a natural inclination and fascination with historical events, places, relics and the people and the stories involved. This led him to a career in teaching, working primarily with younger secondary students, who often show an interest in storytelling and finding their place in the ongoing historical timeline of life. He has also worked in other industries, with an interest in what connects people with their work and the environments in which they live and work. Living next to the ocean has allowed…

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