A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Four

Koo’s Book of ABC Rhymes for Kids: Remembering My Letters is an A-Z Thing To Do!

A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Four: Koo’s Book of ABC Rhymes for Kids is written by Miss Koo to help both others and her, to remember the letters of the alphabet.

In Book Four, Miss Koo is really keen to understand and use letters and words as best as she can. Farver has told her that she should try to remember the letters of the alphabet by thinking of her favourite things, or situations she finds herself in each day, and then to create a rhyme to help her remember.

Miss Koo introduces a new friend, Pup Dog, who is not only a friend, but someone who can go on adventures for Miss Koo, when she is too busy eating, sleeping or writing, to go herself. Pup dog and Miss Koo recall and tell of different situations in two-line and four-line rhyming verse. Balls, gates, puddles, ants; in fact just about anything from A-Z gets a mention, as the encounters unfold. Fortunately, Farver has also been busy with a camera to capture the stories in photo form.

Every day is an adventure in every way and Miss Koo encourages all readers to think of their own rhyming verses to tell of their own adventures. She even encourages readers to send her a message to let her know what other adventures the readers think she might enjoy.

Book Four highlights the fact that many memorable moments can be found in our own backyards.
They can provide lessons and inspiration, sometimes from the simplest of things, even ants.
The book is aimed at both young children (for whom a loving and caring parent could read and show the story to), but also to older children and adults still willing and able to not only see the world in a reflective way. It shows a simple way to tell stories in a poetic form.

This is only Book Four, but after yet another good night’s sleep in her favourite ‘Levver Lounge’ by the fire; and a full belly, Miss Koo will no doubt have more to reveal, more to say, in her impeccable puppy-mannered way!

Look around and behind, you may spot her or Pup dog…or in fact some of her new found friends; for like any good journalist, Miss Koo is always keen to sniff out the best stories to share with others.
Stay tuned.