A Puppy and Dog's Point of View Book One

Things My Dog Taught Me: A Hound on the Hunt doesn’t Know it has Fleas

A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book One: Things My Dog Taught Me is written by Miss Koo herself. She has managed to pass on her wisdom, knowledge and training, through her fellow pack member to a computer, in order that it can be shared by others…and all this without an aromatic paw ever touching a keyboard!

The book highlights the love and care that not only mere mortals give to their much superior puppies and dynamic dogs, but also how pups can train and teach their so called ‘masters’ a thing or two. The book is aimed at both young children (for whom a loving and caring parent could read and show the story to), but also to older children and adults still willing and able to be melted by the warm, innocent touch of a soft nose on a bare leg, or a pleading whimper and shuffle at the gate as you attempt to leave it behind when you go for a walk or ride.

Reading the book will remind you of either how much like a person a dog can become, or alternatively, how alike to our pets and puppies owners become, the longer the relationship is shared.

Join Miss Koo as she shares some of her treasured adventures, reveals skills and traits that many other pups and dogs are willing to share with their pack members, poses in a most natural way in her favoured environments and settings, shares deep and meaningful thoughts and reflections and even contemplates favourite dreams.

Due to the fact that Miss Koo acquired much wisdom in both her puppy-hood and adult doggy-hood, there is more to share about a whole range of experiences that can fit into a human’s 14 years (or indeed, a dog’s 98 years!) This is Book One. Miss Koo has yet, much more to say, in her impeccable puppy-mannered way!

This first book is not about techniques for training and teaching a pup, but more about the soulful reflection and communication both owner and pet can enjoy. With such memories, the power and value of caring for and loving a pet never really passes, but can be shared by one or all. Further books in Miss Koo’s pipeline will delve deeper into some of her greatest quests, adventures and favourite people, places and animal friends. Like any good journalist, Miss Koo is keen to sniff out the best stories to share with others: stay tuned.