A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Three

Extra Things My Dog Taught Me: There is Nothing Worse than Not being Able to See the World in Verse!

A Puppy and Dog’s Point of View Book Three: Extra Things My Dog Taught Me is again, written by Miss Koo herself.

In Book Three the relationship between Miss Koo and her Pack Partners is broadened to the point where she has now inspired her Farver to record some on the things he sees, in verse. The walks, adventures and escapades that Miss Koo and Farver undertake contribute to the recollections, reflections and observations recorded. Miss Koo has selected some of what she considers to be Farver’s better efforts and has chosen photo illustrations from her own collection to accompany the poems.

Book Three continues to highlight the love and care that not only mere mortals give to their much superior puppies and dynamic dogs, but also how the world around us can provide lessons and inspiration, sometimes from the simplest of things.

The book is aimed at both young children (for whom a loving and caring parent could read and show the story to), but also to older children and adults still willing and able to not only see the world in a reflective way, but to be enjoy telling stories in a poetic form.

As you read the verse, perhaps think of how Miss Koo or her Farver would see and describe your surroundings, or better still, record them with a pen or keyboard yourself.

Join Miss Koo as she continues to reveal her loves and hates, the joys and frights of everyday life and perhaps even encourage mere mortal Pack Partners to share the “Luuvv.”

This is Book Three, but after yet another good night’s sleep in her favourite ‘Levver Lounge’ by the fire; and a full belly, Miss Koo will no doubt have more to reveal, more to say, in her impeccable puppy-mannered way!
Look around and behind, you may spot her; like any good journalist, Miss Koo is always keen to sniff out the best stories to share with others.

Stay tuned.