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Geoffrey Ronald

Geoffrey Ronald has always had an interest in books, language and the spoken word. He has also had a natural inclination and fascination with historical events, places, relics and the people and the stories involved. This led him to a career in teaching, working primarily with younger secondary students, who often show an interest in storytelling and finding their place in the ongoing historical timeline of life. He has also worked in other industries, with an interest in what connects people with their work and the environments in which they live and work.

Living next to the ocean has allowed Geoffrey to enjoy a range of marine activities, as well as to enjoy the outdoors and natural environments. As dog owners for many years, both he and his wife enjoyed the company, antics and adventures of their dog, as she too, enjoyed the environment around them.

With the discovery of self-publishing, Geoffrey now finds a way to incorporate all his interest into a creative endeavour. His most recent motto is: "Carry a camera, capture a story!"